Brian G

I think it best to think of the stories in the bible as allegories. Much like Jesus did in the New Testament to illustrate a point.

My view, is that the tree represents the ability for man to choose, unlike the animals, between good and evil. Thus the name is sometimes referred to as the "Tree of the knowledge of good and evil".

So the metaphoric "bite" of the fruit, is trying to paint a picture that god gave us the ability to choose, and that is what separates us from animals. The Garden of Eden is also figurative, that it represents the blissful ignorance of animals.

Trying to read a newly found author’s stories and not having the ability to sort the articles by oldest first, thus following normal reading order. In contrast, the newest first is great for reading once you’ve caught up.

Things have been a bit slow on the part acquisition front as of late. Primarily, I wanted to slow down the cash flow a bit. Also, some of the drive train components are out of stock; or I’m waiting for the 2021 revisions.

I did score a couple of slightly…