I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the aesthetic that I’m going for with this bike. The frame is flat black. One idea that I had was to do accents in something bold, like neon green or orange.

As a designer, how the bike looks is very important to me. I want something minimalistic and understated. Something that most people would miss as a nice bike unless they take a close look. Lots of front forks have accent colors. But I didn’t think that I could match the color with any other components.
So where I ended up was to black on black. The decision on the rear shock dictated the front shocks and those are both gloss black. Gloss black on flat black.

I’m hoping it will look like I envision; minimalistic and understated.




Design, Code, Relationships, Politics, Biking

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Brian G

Brian G

Design, Code, Relationships, Politics, Biking

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