Choosing a MTB Frame

Carbon fiber MTB frame from Light Carbon

I’m building an MTB. What frame should I get? I know that Chinese carbon fiber frames are very economical after having a road bike frame from China. So I went looking. The first site I visited was Light Carbon. They have no prices listed but sent an email to get a quote on the LCFS911 frame. I also looked at the LCFS958, but to me, the LCFS911 geometry looked better.

After getting an email back, the price was $499 + 106 shipping and a PayPal charge for a total of $630.


I ordered the frame at the end of September, and due to a Chinese holiday, it didn’t arrive until October 24th.

Unboxing the frame was like Christmas. It is a very nice frame. There have been reports of thin carbon around the bottom bracket, but I did not notice anything like this. It came with a headset, seat post clamp, derailleur hangers, and trunnion-mount screws (more on that in a future post). The frame comes in at 1980 grams [4.37 lbs].

Next post, lets look at my list of components and my budget.



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