Dropper post, grips and more

Things have been a bit slow on the part acquisition front as of late. Primarily, I wanted to slow down the cash flow a bit. Also, some of the drive train components are out of stock; or I’m waiting for the 2021 revisions.

I did score a couple of slightly used components from a local MTB enthusiast who saw a post I made on on Facebook. I was able to pick up a SRAM XX1 carbon crank for a steal, handlebars, and some tires. All for less than $250. Of all of these components, the crank is the largest compatibility risk. Since I’m trying to go with 12-speed SRAM Eagle for the drivetrain, this crank predates Eagle. I hope that even if it doesn’t work out of the box with the Eagle 12-speed, I could swap in an Eagle chainring without a problem.

I also received an order from PNW Components for their Loam components. I got their Loam Grips, Loam Dropper post, Loam Lever, and the Range Stem.
I became aware of PNW Components oddly enough because of their ad on Facebook. I checked them out and found they have quality components, and, as their name suggests, are based in the Pacific Northwest. The founders seem like awesome people and they have a great story.