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  • Ellen Mallernee Barnes

    Ellen Mallernee Barnes

    Nashvillian born and raised. Mama to two girls. Married to my college sweetheart. Writer. Polyamorous. Hot yoga addict. Armchair psychologist.

  • Vanessa Torre

    Vanessa Torre

    Writer, editor, plant junkie, music fan, and host of 🎙 I Hadn’t Considered That, a podcast about perspectives.

  • Denise


    I work at Salesforce. Formerly at IDEO. I think a lot about design practice and culture at scale, and how relationships are at the center of our work.

  • Christina Sophia

    Christina Sophia

    Exploring my relationship with myself, others and the gods of my childhood. Its all up for grabs. Feeling my way forward everyday.

  • Marlenée Heath

    Marlenée Heath

  • Emily Heron

    Emily Heron

    (we/us) Writer. Former researcher @stanford @ucsandiego @uwmadison @sandagregion. Medicine woman.

  • Rachel Marsh

    Rachel Marsh

    Award-winning writer, non-award-winning comedian. Also an improviser, please don’t hold that against me.

  • Edward Chechique

    Edward Chechique

    Product designer (UX/UI), Design thinking workshops moderator, and young designers mentor

  • Rebecca Stevens A.

    Rebecca Stevens A.

    I write about racism, but there are so many other things I would like to write about instead. Help me dismantle racism so that I can get to that.

  • Emily Mark

    Emily Mark

    Divorce, relationships, personal growth and failures. Life can get messy. Let’s talk about it.

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