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  • Chai Steeves

    Chai Steeves

    eclectic guy - likes sexuality, politics, business, relationships, celebrity trivia...

  • A regular guy’s journey into Ethical Non-Monogamy

    A regular guy’s journey into Ethical Non-Monogamy

    One night, my wife dropped the bomb: She loved me deeply, but wanted to see other people outside of our marriage. This blog is about my journey through it all

  • Sex Uninterrupted

    Sex Uninterrupted

    We show couples interested in ethical non monogamy how to meet others and have exciting, fulfilling and safe sexual experiences.

  • Issa Woodforde

    Issa Woodforde

    Welcome to a single woman’s journey into exploring and understanding ethical non-monogamy and open relationships. It’s going to be a little weird and wonderful.

  • Lee Bidoski

    Lee Bidoski

    I’m a psychology professor trying to understand and improve our lives. Relationships | Careers | Health | Parenting | Sports | Law Enforcement | Military

  • Ellen Mallernee Barnes

    Ellen Mallernee Barnes

    Nashvillian born and raised. Mama to two girls. Married to my college sweetheart. Writer. Polyamorous. Hot yoga addict. Armchair psychologist.

  • Cher Scarlett

    Cher Scarlett


  • Kyra Bussanich

    Kyra Bussanich

    Entrepreneur, professional pastry chef, and author with an interest in psychology, relationships, simple pleasures, healing, and what connects us.

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