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  • Jewelle


    Jewelle Jericho is the pseudonym for a Creole x Indigenous trophy wife who loves writing about her new life of affluence. | Greenwich, CT

  • Naomi Hudson

    Naomi Hudson

    I am on here incognito so I can freely and safely say what I really want to say….

  • Ms. Rouge

    Ms. Rouge

    Solo Poly, Relationship Anarchist, FemDom bohemian living her best life in Chicago. Mother of four, lover of the human condition and the absurdity of existence.

  • Daniella Montage

    Daniella Montage

    Homeschool alumni and mom, hopeful writer, avid reader, lover of tattoos & guitarists.

  • Samantha Rodman Whiten

    Samantha Rodman Whiten

    Clinical psychologist, wife & mom of 3. Read, listen, therapy, follow

  • Anne Shark

    Anne Shark

    Polyamorous and sex-positive essayist, poet, and over-thinker.

  • Thomas H. Brand

    Thomas H. Brand

    Blogging about polyamory, ethical-non-monogamy, and modern relationships | (He/Him) | | |

  • Carla Burdt

    Carla Burdt

    Clinical Hypnotherapist and Sexologist specializing in love, sex and intimacy.

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