MTB Build End

I’m done. It is somewhat of a let down that I’m done. The shopping for components was fun if not a bit frustrating at times due to the global shortage of everything.

I initially ordered the frame the end of September 2020 and didn’t finish the last assembly until nearly 4 months later. My initial budget was about $3,600 but I fully expected it to be a bit higher. As you can see I ended up at $3,900, which is only $300 over the initial budget. This doesn’t include some of the miscellaneous tools that I had to purchase such as a shock pump, tire sealant injectors and brake bleeders.

Final cost and weight

I didn’t have a goal for the weight. I figured there was no real purpose in obsessing over something that is really hard to control. I mean throwing more money at components would’ve resulted in some savings, but at what cost? So I didn’t bother with worrying about weight. As you can see from the table above, my final weight is 27.6 lbs. It feels really light.

If you’re looking to build an MTB, but have a lower budget, some areas you could look at are shocks, drivetrain and brakes.

Thanks for viewing, and I hope you’ve enjoyed following my journey.




Design, Code, Relationships, Politics, Biking

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Brian G

Brian G

Design, Code, Relationships, Politics, Biking

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