Putting it all together

Finished MTB. Just needs a name.

I’m at the fun stage now. Putting all of the components together. However, as I write this, I am missing a key component — the shifter. Apparently, SRAM GX shifters are a hot commodity, nobody has stock and it looks like 2 weeks out.

Starting with the bottom bracket and crank. I inititally tried to install the Pressfit BB-92 using a c-clamp. The c-clamp wasn’t big enough so I asked the local MTB Facebook group if anyone had the pressfit tool to borrow and luckily someone had one. The tool made the process of installing the bottom bracket very easy. Likewise, the crank was very easy to install after that.

The used SRAM X01 crank

The cassette and the rear derailleur were a snap to install. Really wish I had the shifter so I could also put the chain on and get it all tuned up. But alas, not yet.

Installation of the dropper post and lever was fairly straightforward once I got the SRAM Matchmaker X mounting bracket for the lever and a shorter dropper post.

The brakes rotors and calipers are straightforward to install. I have the brake lines all cut to the correct length. The next step on the brakes is to bleed them. I’m thinking of having a LBS do the bleeding. The case against doing it myself is: 1. a pain-in-the-ass and 2. the expense of the additional tools. Still deciding on it right now. If I can get a cheap bleed kit (like $20) then I’ll probably do it myself.

Got a cheap brake bleed kit. Watched and read a bunch of stuff on bleeding that was only marginally useful. Basically, push fluid back and forth from one syringe to other until no more air bubbles come out. It is interesting that the SRAM G2 R do NOT have the SRAM bleeding edge port. Too bad, it looks nice. It was less of a PITA than I initally thought.

Yay! The shifter finally came. Installing was a snap. The only problem I always have is that no matter how clean of a cut I make on the cable, I eventually end up with a frayed end. Boo.

I screwed up. Got the chain measured around the chain ring and the largest gear on the cassette, but I forgot to add 3 links to that before I cut it. It seems to work.

I did have a bunch of trouble with the tuning the derailuer. Not entirely sure I did wrong, but when I was shifting, I seemed to be missing a click point. But now I get shift to the full 12 speed range. The chainring, which was used and an older model, presented no problem with the new SRAM Eagle components.

First ride in the garage was fun. Don’t have the suspension set up correctly, so it is super bouncy. Second ride out in the snow is slated for tonight. Should be fun.

Next up, the final wrap up and observations.

Design, Code, Relationships, Politics, Biking

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Brian G

Brian G

Design, Code, Relationships, Politics, Biking

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